Regular Pest Inspections For A Pest Free Home

termites.assetThe value of regular pest inspection cannot be over estimated. Trained pest inspectors who work with pest control on a daily basis are still surprised at how quickly pests like termites, carpenter ants and roaches can return to their previous habitat, and quickly grow a new colony. Termites in particular are very hardy and unless a pest control company is experienced in the elimination and eradication of termites, the problem will re-occur within a few months.

Licensed pest inspectors are experienced in the inspection of timber for termites, borers and wood rot or decay. They are also able to detect areas of excessive moisture, undetected leaks and drainage problems. High moisture content inside the walls of a property will increase the possibility of pest ingress.

Pest inspections will also reveal conditions that are conducive to attracting pests towards your home, eventually resulting in an infestation. Trained in the biology and living habits of household pests, pest inspectors are knowledgeable regarding the behavior of pests and can recommend the best methods to eliminate unwanted pests from any type of environment.

After inspection you will be provided with a report on the findings and you will be offered a proposal for the removal of pests. If the problem is a termite infestation, a proposal for a termite management program will be put forward for the eradication and prevention of termites.


If your home is inundated with pests, or you suspect a more serious problem with termites, it is advisable to have your entire property inspected by a professional pest inspector. If you are sure of the extent of the problem, which is only possible with a proper pest inspection by a qualified pest inspector, it can be treated in the best way possible without overlooking any hidden problems that will rear an ugly head in the near future, and after you have just paid to have your home made pest free.

Pest inspection is particularly important if you are thinking of purchasing a new home. Sellers will rarely reveal a problem with pests and a viewing of the property will not be adequate to discover if there is a problem large enough to affect the value of the property. A pest inspection will also be able to detect whether the home has been subjected to pest control recently and whether adequate steps have been taken to avoid a re-infestation of termites in particular.

Regular pest inspections are important to keep your home pest free and comfortable to live in, without pests crawling around your living space.


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